Supreme Court Ignores Science, Enables Voter Purging, But Data May Have Final Say

The Supreme Court, in a narrow 5-4 decision, has upheld a restrictive Ohio election law that initiates a process to purge eligible voters from its voter list if they fail to vote in a single election. A number of other states and localities have also implemented voter list purging tactics, and it is expected that this decision will result in additional states adopting more restrictive voter list purges (at The Equation).

5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Ignores Science, Enables Voter Purging, But Data May Have Final Say

  1. Let’s keep this honest here… If they don’t vote for TWO years, they get a post card to their registered address. If they don’t return it and don’t vote for FOUR more years, they get purged.


    • What is dishonest? Two years is one election cycle. That initiates the process. That will purge thousands of eligible voters from voter lists every election cycle. And for what?


      • There are multiple elections every year. And even if we’re only talking the two year cycle, that’s THREE cycles before you are removed. Not one vote.


  2. One election cycle initiates the process, one vote. That’s what I described. It is a process that kept off veterans who had served overseas, elderly people who had never received the notices, thousands of eligible voters. It’s wrong, it serves no purpose other than to reduce political participation. Why would you support it?


    • One vote in six years maintains your voter registration. Overseas? Vote absentee if it means that much… Unable to do either, register again when you are able. Keeping voter registration active when you are not an active voter (moved out of the area or deceased) serves no purpose. Or does it….?


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