Michael Latner: Environmental justice requires electoral reform

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently covered a devastating new report by several environmental justice experts, “Environmental Racism in St. Louis,” documenting stark disparities in health, economic opportunity and quality of life for black families in St. Louis. (St. Louis Dispatch)

Happy Birthday America: The Census is Intact, for Now

With news that the Trump administration has abandoned its attempt to place a citizenship question on the 2020 Decennial Census, the people of the United States received the best birthday gift they could hope for, averting a xenophobic and racist effort to disenfranchise millions of people of color by corrupting the nation’s largest civic event (The Equation).

Court Records Reveal Plan to Use Census for Racial Discrimination

Just weeks before the Supreme Court will determine the constitutionality of placing a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, newly released documents from a federal trial demonstrate that Trump administration officials falsely testified about the Justice Department’s motives and justification for adding the question, a decision that has been roundly criticized by the nation’s leading scientific and civil rights organizations (at The Equation).